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Coralee Wessman-Moser received 47 percent of the vote in unofficial, early returns. A political newcomer, David Watts, followed with 23 percent and had a 4 percentage point edge over businessman David Howe.

High school football: Summit Academy Bears 2017 preview Local News

On the one hand everything this summer has gone smoother now that he's in his second year as head coach at Summit Academy, but the school is bumping up a classification so he's not quite sure how the Bears will ultimately measure up. He's ecstatic about the experience he has coming back on the offensive line with four returning starters, but also weary how the offense will look with a quarterback other than his son, Isaac Hamilton.

Baby switch: How a Mormon family dealt with the fallout of a decades old secret Local News

Brothers Gene Williams, left, and Bruce Fisher, right, at Gene's home in Herriman, Utah, on Aug. 8, 2017. DNA tests proved Williams and Fisher are brothers.

No one-trick pony Local News

Two big events occurred during the past two weekends that further prove Tooele County isn't a one-trick pony when it comes to entertainment events or education-related venues that appeal to residents and tourists.The first event, Country FanFest, ended Sunday after three consecutive days of live country music, camping and outdoor activities at ... (more)

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As Riverton City looks to take the next step toward creating its own service district area for police protection, it may trigger a bigger exodus from the taxing district set up to fund the Unified Police Department as a regional law-enforcement agency. The Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area was formed a decade ago and includes unincorporated Salt Lake County and its various townships, along with the cities of Riverton, Herriman and Millcreek.

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Prep football: Utah Valley Top 5 Utah News
Lehi quarterback threw for 599 yards and a state record 10 touchdowns in Friday's season opener against Alta. Thanks to all that offense, Lehi moved up from No. 5 to No. 1 in the Valley Top 5 football poll.  
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Professional locksmith Games
and Video Games
By Herriman Locksmith

A locksmith takes part in the online game named World of War Craft, opening containers in the monitor. A video game named Cracking the Secret code lets the locksmith to click on numbers and enter them until eventually the password is correct. Cleaner Scrape is an internet game presenting Ron the lock-smith. There's also a Kensington Lockpicking on line free of charge flash on-line game. Grid lock is an additional interesting internet video game for lock-pickers that has up to 3 stages of difficulty to accommodate newbies to the rather more professional.

Being a locksmith can be enjoyable. The every day interaction with customers in the job excersises the lock-smith's verbal & emotional skills. The stressful job requires a lot of attention. Traveling tends to make the professional locksmith passionate. The frequent changes and developments requires the lock smith to think and develop his brain. Where's the entertainment in all this? Lock smith technicians ought to have fun-they should enjoy themselves!

Lock picking can serve as a game for individuals who work as lock-smiths. They could as well do more difficult projects as they gain more experience. In essence, being a lock smith is like playing with a jigsaw puzzle.

Break the Safe is a lock smithing game. It was created by Forest-Pusan Creative just lately. In the game, players recover lost keys, disarm tiger traps, and dodge aggressive watch hounds.

In Netherlands, there is a town called Sneek, where they have a lockpicking competition every year. This competition is an entertaining opportunity for locksmith professionals and beginning lock pickers, and it is an educational professional event as well. Plenty of Lock smiths and lock-pickers attend this event.

Another big occasion for lockpickers and lock smith technicians is held by the Locksport Int.. DEFCON fourteen held workshops, talks, sales of equipment, lockpicking speed contests, tool manufacturing, and demonstrations for the enjoyable event that welcomed amateurs along with expert professionals.

A Lockpicking Event occurred in Cleveland, Ohio, in 4/2008 for locksmith technicians and lock-picking lovers. Shown were ordinary all purpose US locks, Oriental fakes, cupboard lock mechanisms, and high-security locks. Vault cracking was also on the program to put a challenge for locksmiths who were courageous enough to give it a shot.

Other than locksmith technicians, additional persons like locksmithing competitions and video games also. There are people around who do locksmithing stuff just for fun. Busting up locks and vaults could be a pretty fulfilling experience for persons who can do it. It is not really a bad thought after all. It might teach lock companies better ways they should make their locks more reliable, and its pretty cool also. Persons who take pleasure in breaking through locks aren't nessecaraly crooks or bad guys, they just happen to enjoy lockpicking!

A few of them are probably thieves, but they’re just a small group of individuals.

Locksmith professionals get pleasure from doing other things that is not their every day job, and not just opening lock mechanisms. Do barbers take pleasure in nothing but styling and cutting hair? Possibly not. Lock-smiths do enjoy traveling, hanging out with their loved ones, and so forth.

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